On the move!

Guess what? I’m moving!

We have lived in this shithole of an apartment for more than five years. It’s small, it’s impractical, and I have barely no windows. And then, suddenly, an apartment ad was found. Well, several were found, but this one stood out. It’s in a house I’ve been looking at subconsciously for years, which makes it even more neat.

Today, we signed the contract. So there’s no turning back now.

The new flat is so much better than the old one. I have a window in the kitchen now. I have my own front door. And we have more space to live in. More cupboards in the kitchen. More lawn to hang out on in summer. More storage to stuff stuff. Generally, more.

Oh, and it’s really close to the city, too, so now I can walk home from the pub. Eventually crawl. Not that I go to the pub that often, but it will be easier to just go out for a beer now.

In other words, life is good, for once. The last year has turned my life to the better. Thank you, life.

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