Eff you, Computer!

Well, I haven’t had time to update this thing for some days now, due to moving and all. Everything has gone so much faster than I had expected, and I’m kinda not coping with the rapid changes too well. So today, my body repaid me by getting ill. Nono, nothing serious, just bad enough to skip work.

Well, anyhow. I have a laptop. And, obviously, it is the only computer left in the old place, so what Boyfriend will do in his spare time until we move, well, is not my problem, but I guess I’ll suffer with him, one way or another, since he only left one book here. And at the rate he reads, he’ll be finished with that book today or tomorrow. But I digress. I had a topic for this rant, and that was the monstrosity that is my laptop.

I bought this baby back in 2007. It was really cheap, and I got a printer/scanner for free with it. You know, one of those package deals. It came running Windows Vista, which makes no sense, since the poor machine is too slow to run Vista smoothly. Heck, it can’t even run Windows XP smoothly. So I wiped the whole thing, and installed Linux on it instead. That worked fairy well, up to a certain point where Linux, too, demanded too much from computers. So now I’m stuck on an old version of Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx, if you’re interested), and it runs fairly smooth – as long as I remember to close the Facebook tab. (Just so you know, Facebook draws sick amounts of memory, with all those scripts and crap it runs constantly.)

When I say “fairly smooth”, I mean, of course, if you don’t do anything funky, like running more than one program at the time, stream movies off the Internet (especially not in fullscreen), try to edit a word document in OpenOffice, open a PDF file… Well, all the things I usually use computers for. And gaming? Hah. Hahaha. I can play simple, ancient games, and Faster Than Light, but that’s about it. So, needless to say, this happens a lot:

…except, that I’m not a man, and my wall sure ain’t pinkish-red. (Free clipart from microsoft.com)

And, for some odd reason, although I keep about 90 % of my rage on the inside, Boyfriend gets really irritated when I yell at my laptop. But it deserves yelling. And, if it bothers him that much, why doesn’t he get me a better one?

Anyways. I think everything will get better when I get a better chair in front of my stationary PC. That one runs like clockwork, and slows down for real reasons, like when I try to game a modern, high-graphic game at the same time as Firefox is up with, say, 25 tabs, I have a movie on pause minimized, my operating system and anti-virus decides to update at the very same time, and I’m listening to music through WinAMP. Then it’s okay.

And, also, the good PCs are packed down and shipped to the new place. And I really want to play Minecraft.

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